Casual/Competitive Gaming Lounge designed to bring people back together in a safe, fun community-based atmosphere. Lets Play!

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You want to score that winning touchdown or last minute shot? How about exploring the lore of the Witcher? Maybe you're one that likes to "Finish Him" in hand-to-hand combat? Explore 1000's of games on PS5, Xbox X, Nintendo Switch, PC and VR, from AAA to Indie and everything in-between. We have it all!

Bringing People Together Again

I remember the Good ol’ Days when we would all meet up at a friend’s house to play video games. We would get together for hours, laughing and joking, while trying to beat the heck out of each other. People under 18 are like, “Wait, you knew where your friends lived?” Yes, believe it or not, there was a time when people gathered together in person. No, seriously, I’m not joking. We would physically sit in the same room, right next to one another. Amazing, right? Well, what if I told you it could be like that again? What if you were actually able to meet new people and build new relationships while enjoying a common interest? It’s time for people to start playing together again!

About Me

Video games have been a passion of mine since I was a little kid. I can still remember getting my first Nintendo and thinking, “how are these graphics even possible?” I think back on that now and just laugh. Some of my best memories were gathering at friends’ houses and playing Madden, NBA 2K, Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat. We would play sometimes for hours, talking trash to each other the entire time. There were no participation trophies back then. You were either a winner or a loser and to the victor goes the spoils. The spoils being endless smack talk. Man, I wanted to hurt those guys sometimes, haha. It was always in good fun and we are all still close to this day. It amazes me when I think how we are more technologically advanced now than ever in human history but also the most disconnected. My vision is that this place will provide an environment to bring people back together again and help facilitate those types of life-long relationships.

- Andrè Williams -
Owner The Outer Limits
NBA 2K Champ
2 OCTOBER 2021

Are you ready for some friendly (not so friendly) competition with your friends and neighbors throughout your community? Well you’ve come to the right place. Show us what you got. Let’s Play!

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